Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Lock to Success is Also The Key

Back in late May/early June I took a mini-road trip to Alabama to attend a wedding but before arriving we made a one night stop in New Orleans. While sight-seeing throughout that magical moral city I stopped to learn a lesson from a wise, wise man (apparently I love to learn).

"Lemme give you kids some advice..."

This video pretty much sums up his wise words of wisdom:

"And that's how you become successful!"
I'm thinking this guy is totally legit. He's got a permanent position in New Orleans.

Currently listening to: "All I Ever Wanted" album by the Airborne Toxic Event because all I ever wanted was an easy way to be good at life. Keep an eye out for me in the near future. I'm pretty damn good at failing and I've got over 2 decades worth of practice!


  1. Cool. I visited New Orleans last Mardi Gras. Fun city.

  2. I read Jitterbug Perfume. Cool book.

  3. that video was awesome. makes me feel a lot better about how i've arsed up my life so far ;)

  4. I had to look up the info on Mr. Woldenburg to find out more about him before I could know if there was anything hinted at here that I missed... Sure enough, you just said what you meant. I guess failure is the humble beginning of success. We all need that realization from childhood so that we can appreciate people more.

    Those who live off handouts could never fully grasp the meaning of failure or success. Now we just have to do something amazing with our lives to prove this is all correct.

  5. Goood vid, and remember that the journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step.

  6. @JerseyDave: Cool, but what does that book have to do with my post? I love reading so I may check it out. And yes, sarcasm is life! ;)

    @Andrew: Who is Mr. Woldenburg? And where did the "those who live off handouts" come from? This post was intended to be sarcastic and poking fun at the video, I had no intentions of sending any kind of political message.

    Everyone else, thanks!

  7. All aboard the failboat! I'm ready to set sail.

    BTW, you win bonus points for the Airborne Toxic Event. They're the greatest band that none of my friends have never heard of.

  8. LOVED that video! It is so inspiring. :) I seriously have no idea all those amazing people were given such harsh criticism. Sometimes it is easy to think all those celebs/geniuses had it so easy their entire lives...

    Well, I'm a little more inspired this Tuesday afternoon!! :P

  9. Nice video, statues are always inspiring.