Monday, March 21, 2011

How to advertise to men!

Well, straight men anyway:!wtf/5771647

Very, very clever! I think it's perfect for advertising anything you believe men should buy.

Seriously! Where do people come up with ideas like these? I love it, hilarious! :)


  1. I'm sorry, I did not get the chance to think about whatever point you were making, Natalia.

    Clicked the link and felt an overwhleming compulsion to go to Superette to buy shorts.

    I'll come back here to try again later...

  2. Someone actually beat me to the "human waffle iron" advertising technique. Damn!

  3. now i'm totally wondering if pressing advertising slogans into the back of peoples' bare legs would actually work...;)

  4. imagine if youre fat? youd have 5 of those on each leg when you get up

  5. I notice you're bringing a gender bias to the invention? It would seem to be equally effective for all attractees and attractors.. n'est pas?

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