Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sexy Time!

Alright. I give up. I just can't help it. I am desperate for attention and I want more followers.

I've noticed that the best way to achieve this is by posting sexy pictures of chicks. Since I am a chick I'm going to make it easy and just post pictures of myself. I'll start off by making sexy facial expressions and move on to some amazing cleavage shots. I'm letting go of any tiny shrivel of self-respect I've ever had and putting on my best slut-face. Gone are my morals, feministic tendencies, and self-esteem. Seriously though, what good is a woman if she's not a hoe?

I'm starting off slow and gradually posting sexier pictures. I hope you boys have your lotion and box of tissues ready. Here are my humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps.

I've got that perfect little movie star nose!

Oh, man. Check out that killer smile!

Triple Threat!

I have no shame and I'm single! Gentlemen? Yes? Maybe?

I'm gonna need a lot of beer to bag a dude...


  1. oh to be a glove upon that hand,
    that i might touch that cheek....!

  2. triple shot cleavage FTW! haha, better hope you have a mutant tri-head baby or those things would be wasted.

  3. yes, natalia,yes! make love to the camera! okay, now you're an animal! you're a tiger! you're tony the tiger! grrrrrrrrrrrrreat! now you're a lemming! yes, running with the's a predator out of the jungle! burrow! burrow! make an interconnected series of tunnels like the vietcong!

    ...and I'm spent. (tosses camera)

  4. Heh, and now how to hold that 3 big tities :D

  5. Heh. I love that 2nd picture :D

    BTW Following :P

  6. The photos are amazzzzzing :D haha =]

  7. hahhahahahahhah....voce é definitivamente doida!!!!!

  8. The 3 boobed woman from Total Recall has NOTHING on you!

  9. "Paint me like one of your French women!"

  10. Omg Natalia, I want you