Saturday, April 23, 2011

Work it girl, work it!!!

I should probably start off with a disclaimer. So I will.

Big massive disclaimer: I work in a small office of less than 15 people (including myself) with the VP’s office in our suite. Everyone is very laid back and loves to joke with each other but within means. The men in the office are not vulgar and show respect to us ladies. Everyone in the office is also hard-working.

With all that said, we have occasional moments like these:

There’s a throw blanket in the office that originally meant for some couches in our old suite. The VP made a comment about the blanket being inappropriate, something about how it made the area with the couches look like a scene for a dirty video. Now that we’ve moved into a new building, we’ve got a bigger suite and the VP has a bigger office with the couches placed in there. The old throw blanket was found and while the VP was gone on business, R, as a joke, draped the blanket over one of the couches. We had plans to take the gag a bit farther but felt that anything else would have been inappropriate. Well, today R was off but the VP was back. He grabbed the blanket, brought it back to our area, and said “My office is not a brothel” and proceeded to wrap my guest chair with it. So I asked him “Then what are you trying to say about me?!”  He apologizes and puts it on R’s chair (I told him it was her idea, she's known him since before he was VP). He said it was a good joke.

The office blankie
Later in the afternoon (Good Friday was a slow day for us) we had a moment of inactivity. As previously mentioned we recently moved into a new building but we did so before construction completed. For the most part the office is in decent condition but there are a few minor fix-ups to be done. One of these minor fix-ups it one of the conference/guest rooms in the front. We have the door to the room but no wall. The room has been missing a wall for at least a couple of weeks and this should have been done by now. Two of the ladies that work in the front w/me suggested that someone stand halfway in/out and someone else take a picture to send to building management. Guess who volunteered?!

I'm in 2 places at once!!!
Although I don't plan on working here forever, I like the environment and the people. The job isn't too stressful and we occasionally have moments of humor.

Next blog I'll talk about the construction workers around the office and practical jokes done by our sales guys to each other.

R's easy button. It says "That was easy!" when you hit it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blogger Statistician

I'm not sure about all you other bloggers out there but I like to check my blogger "stats" on occasion (and by that I mean everyday). I'm always curious where my blog readers are from and how they stubbled upon my ramblings.

I was pleasantly(?) surprised(!) when the other day I came across the "Search Keywords" section of my blog stats:

If anyone can offer an explanation to how "pregnant slut bogger" showed up as keywords associated with my posts, please tell me.

The "airborne toxic event (deluxe edition)" came from this post.

The "weird fact about isaace newton died a virgin" came from this post.

And I have no idea why "out of the country and" is a on the list. Or what should come after the "and."

Seriously, who searches for "pregnant slut blogger" (I don't want to know the why) and how in the hell did my blog end up in the search results?

People are weird. . . And creepy.

Btw,  I'm thinking of creating my own "blog award" after receiving a great rack award from Kage. Visit her blog. She's fucking awesome! And has great taste in boobs. ;)

Jeez...... Pregnant slut blogger? Really?! Oh, well. I'll take all the attention I can get.