Saturday, February 19, 2011

M & J Pictures! =D

Well, apparently my spiritual experience with the birth of my "sister's" twin ladies wasn't interesting to most people since it's the post with the least amount of comments (same number as my very first entry which is pretty much just a picture of me using my dog as a pillow).

I have to admit though, it was a lengthy post (especially compared to all the others I've written), poorly written (I was so emotional and in desperate need of an outlet for it), I didn't really advertise my blog like I usually do, and the birth of babies (even multiples) tends to be relevant/meaningful only if you know or are related to the parents. I've had someone tell me once they didn't find any birth special at all and I'm sure he's not the only one who feels that way. I for one think every birth is special because the same person is never born twice. =)

Anyway, a couple of people showed interest in seeing a few pictures and L (the Mom!) finally sent me a few.  The girls are doing great! Mom is out of the hospital but the twins are not. They were 3 weeks premature and are currently in NICU but they are doing great, getting healthier by the day, and have a high probability of going home maybe even early next week.

Earlier this week they were put in the same incubator. M is the one in the front (she was born first) and J is behind her:

I got to feed J the other day and she held her bottle in such a cute way that L (Mom) took a picture:


I also love just holding them while they sleep. L (Dad) thought it was hilarious how I kept staring at his daughter with such an idiotic expression and L (Mom) was amused as well. Here I am with the goofiest smile:

No tears from me this time around and not quite the same euphoric experience but still one of the most pleasurable things I've ever done. Oh, and just to give you an idea of the tiny-ness of the girls I am 5'5'' and about 145lbs. The girls are small but cute! They are about 4lbs and 9oz! :)

I should get back to writing short, (hopefully) humorous, sarcastic posts after this. But man, this experience was fucking awesome!

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  1. Those are some cute babies. And I am not afraid to tell a person when a baby is ugly (let's face it, not all are cute).

  2. Ha ha! Thank you! And no, they are not! One of my friends from middle/high school had a baby last year and it is so ugly it's cute! =P

  3. That was adorable thanx for sharing the pics.

  4. thanks for sharing pic with angels

  5. haha, us bloggers only like the lulz! Duh =p
    glad youre still reveling in the new babies.

    and yeah, I loved Black Swan also. Heres a review I did about the film from December:

  6. I was just going to ask you about their weight. My sister was about a month premature and my mom was in the hospital with her for a month! Yikes! But my mom was 40+ when she had her last child so it's different.

    They look cute and you look very excited about it all... It's almost like they're yours! Thanks for sharing.

  7. maybe they are cute but .. I DONT LIKE KIDS... :/

  8. @Choms1337: Jeez, dude. If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. Your comment is a downer...

  9. Awwww so cute! they are some little adorable things : ) thanks for sharing and congrats! : )

  10. Congratulations (on becoming an aunt)! They are adorable:-)

  11. oh my sooooooooo cute..I had my twin boys relatively at same weight 4lb 12oz and 4lb and 15oz. Somehow this photo made me cry out of joy..
    It was the best moment in my life.
    Congrats to your sister for these lovely angels..
    Premies need lot of care and enfamil helps a lot:)

  12. omigod they are so teeny tiny, i'd be scared to hold them but the pics are great!

  13. awwwwwww they're really cute i would love to have some lil sisters!!! they're gorgeous!! xoxo

  14. *dang* Here I thought 5'5'' and about 145lbs was fucking awesome. Wrong take-away perhaps.

  15. @JerseyDave: Uh, I'm confused. What are you saying?