Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blogger Statistician

I'm not sure about all you other bloggers out there but I like to check my blogger "stats" on occasion (and by that I mean everyday). I'm always curious where my blog readers are from and how they stubbled upon my ramblings.

I was pleasantly(?) surprised(!) when the other day I came across the "Search Keywords" section of my blog stats:

If anyone can offer an explanation to how "pregnant slut bogger" showed up as keywords associated with my posts, please tell me.

The "airborne toxic event (deluxe edition)" came from this post.

The "weird fact about isaace newton died a virgin" came from this post.

And I have no idea why "out of the country and" is a on the list. Or what should come after the "and."

Seriously, who searches for "pregnant slut blogger" (I don't want to know the why) and how in the hell did my blog end up in the search results?

People are weird. . . And creepy.

Btw,  I'm thinking of creating my own "blog award" after receiving a great rack award from Kage. Visit her blog. She's fucking awesome! And has great taste in boobs. ;)

Jeez...... Pregnant slut blogger? Really?! Oh, well. I'll take all the attention I can get.


  1. I follow my stats, as well. About a year ago, I got all fired up because I was getting comments, in Chinese, from Asian bloggers. I thought my buddhist ponderings had gone global, when in fact, I was being spammed by Asian porn sites. It is a wacky world out there:)

  2. haha weird- i dont have anything linked out of the ordinary

  3. You realize that the NEXT time someone runs a search for "pregnant slut blogger," your page is going to be even higher up the list...

    I used to get a lot of hits for "rattlesnake pineal gland"... I was a little surprised by how many people actually run searches for that phrase.

    Now it's mostly "crazy cat lady."

  4. you chicks are weird - Blogger and Google are obviously tightly integrated with the great Karmic Accounting Engine - and y'all get the hits you deserve.

  5. That's so weird. And inexplicable.

    I checked my stats and learned that someone once found me after searching "Shybiker and big words." Ha!

  6. just so you know, you write "pregnant slut bogger" in paragraph 3, which is probably worse to be associated with than "blogger."

  7. meu aparece umas coisas doidas, mas não tão doidas assim...., mas acho super interessante quando alguém procura no google por Ludmila Rohr! Quem faria isso!

  8. We got 'iphone animal porn' bringing us a lot of hits. Not sure where that one came from... or if we want that kind of traffic hitting our blog... but whatever, right? Traffic is traffic.

  9. @ -E-: Ha ha! Thanks for catching that! But like the Beer for the Shower guys, I say "traffic is traffic." =P Also, the typo is funny. I'm leaving it like that!

  10. Good for you, a true artist doesn't mess with slutty typos.

  11. now Im morbidly curious to check mine. LOL at preggo slut blogger also. I haha

  12. I think it's funny that you check them every day. I do too, and I am not really getting that many crazy hits but I still feel the need. I found you originally because I searched for: "Multicultural cool people blogs". Or something like that. :)