Monday, August 29, 2011

NYC Royalty 3: Abdication

I know this post is a couple weeks late but I've only recently been barely able to peel my shattered soul from the ground.

What started as a wonderful whirlwind of  whimsical worship of the Hollywood romance movie type has now turned into a bona fide celebrity feud. Dead is the paparazzi dubbed "Natalmo" or "Elmatalia" and left in its place is pain and hatred. Not even our beautiful love child can save the disastrous train wreck of a relationship. I was PERFECT and he has to go and do something like this to me?!

What could destroy what everyone believed was the perfect relationship? It breaks my heart so much that I can't bring myself to say (or type) the horrendous deed. I will, however, share

I was minding my own business, surfing the waters of Twitter in search of waves of hilarity on this social networking beach of sarcasm. What I caught was a massive jellyfish sting to the heart that all the urine in the world cannot relieve.

Hope that blonde bitch was tickled. I sure as hell am not.

All I can say, is that a picture is worth a thousand words.



  1. lol! Nice pic, looks like twitter after dark! +follow

  2. once you go muppet, you never go back. At least thats what I heard. ha

  3. Shame on you, Elmo. Didn't you learn anything from Paris Hilton? Cameras only get you into trouble in the bedroom.